Are you a book sculptor or installation artist looking for materials? Are you a set designer looking for cheap books to fill a space? Are you a person with a broken table leg and no inclination to repair it? FOL is here to save the day!

We have been overrun with older hardcover fiction. Clean but out-of-date, these books are priced at 50¢ each. If you buy more than 100, you may have them for 25¢ each.

Source your materials cheaply--and contribute to the Mississauga Library System!

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To provide financial and material support to augment the services of the Mississauga Library System in its role as a cultural, educational and recreational resource for the benefit of the residents of Mississauga. Our mission encompasses support for literacy as a fundamental skill required to take full advantage of library services, and support for library-related educational activities in recognition that a well-trained staff is essential to the effective provision of library services.