The Board meets once per month (with the exception of July and August) to review reports, hear requests, make plans and pass resolutions that are consistent with the business of the Friends. The Board is elected by a vote of Friends’ members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Friends are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the Board. Interested Members may submit their names for consideration either in advance of the Annual General Meeting or at any other time there is a Board vacancy.

The current Board is as follows:

President -- Michael Jones  

Vice-President -- Eva Kolaczkowski

Treasurer -- Bashir Fancy 

Secretary & Membership -- Shanaz Fancy

Book Sales -- Susan Pritchard 

Book Sales -- Margo Harvie

Online Book Sales  -- Jillian Murphy 

Events / Fundraisers -- Ryan Gurcharn

Director -- Harry Hastilow  

Michael Jones - President 

"I am a part of the Friends because I believe in the importance of literacy in the lives of citizens and the role of the library as an educational and cultural resource for the community. As a former librarian with the Mississauga Library System, serving with the Friends allows me to continue to contribute to the delivery of library service. After I left the Library, my wife suggested that I volunteer for the Friends because of my past experience. It was very good advice."

Shanaz Fancy - Secretary / Membership

" I joined the Friends of the Mississauga Library Board in 1997.  It has been a very rewarding experience to support our mission to promote literacy and extend the programs and services of the Mississauga Library System within the community." 

Saima Hussein - Events / Fundraisers (former)

"Working with lovely people to raise funds for the wonderful libraries of Mississauga. For me, it's a win-win situation!"

Harry Hastilow -Director

 "I joined the FOL to give back to the library for the many years of  service and support that I have received from the library.

Sheryl Serrao -Communications (former)

 "Being with the Friends is truly an enriching experience. I am happy to be part of a dedicated team that does so much to support the community."